A quick update from down under

Just a quick update from the MFC 4 conference in Cairns. The turnout to the fourth international conference on bioelectrochemical systems was fantastic with representatives from over 25 countries. Hosted by the University of Queensland but held in Cairns, the tropical surroundings provided a beautiful backdrop to an outstanding collection of student presentations and key note speakers (Lars Peter Nielsen, Cees Buisman and Bruce Logan). I was very pleased to win the ‘Best Poster’ prize…

The winner of this prize was given the ‘lucky’ task of preparing a short ‘pitch’ presentation about their research to present on the final day to the rest of the conference delegates. To complicate the task further, this presentation had to be given the morning after the conference BBQ and drinks! It was, however, a great opportunity to get wider exposure of my research project and I received some very positive feedback about the work we are doing at Newcastle University and Northumbrian Water on scale-up.

Finally, I’ve just received a link to an article I wrote for Water and Sewerage journal in July on ‘Prospects and Progress in Bioelectrochemical Systems’….





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